Winged Armour Helmet For Decoration

 Winged Armour Helmet For Decoration
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The barbute has undergone many changes since it first hit the field of war in the 15th century. This Winged Armor Helmet is a little more iconic in its design, thanks to it visor. Its design is also supremely versatile, offering a few options on how to wear this piece of protection. Of course, you can put it on the visor and all. The visor can be opened in two different ways, as it can be rotated up, or one pin on the right side of the helmet can be pulled, allowing the helmet to rotate off to the side (the pin can even be left open, as the helmet features a hook closure for keeping the helm secured in its closed position

Dimensions: One Size

Weight: 1 kg

Material: Iron

Condition: Retro

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