Nautical Viking GJERMUNDBU Spectacle Armour Helmet

 Nautical Viking GJERMUNDBU Spectacle Armour Helmet
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Nautical Gjermundbu Viking Spectacle helmet specially made with reenactment fighting in mind. As with all Viking helmets, it is crafted in the shape of a rounded cap. Made from two plates, it has a metal strip reinforcement running from the back, across the crown and all the way down the spectacle guard, resulting in good deflective properties. Another metal reinforcement runs along the brim. The characteristic "spike" on top of the helmet has been removed since it can catch weapons during the fighting. The spectacle guard offers good vision, as well as excellent protection of the cheeks, nose and mouth. With authentic design, this is perfect for both reenactors and for those wanting a historical Viking helmet on display.

Dimensions: One Size

Weight: 1 kg

Material: Iron

Condition: Retro

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