Introduction of Marine Antiques

What are Marine Antiques??

Marine Antiques and nautical collect-able, which belongs to old vessels and ships that we find during demolition of boats and ships. Most of these nautical items are

50, 60 or 100 yeas old. When old vessel is “scrapped” and all the steel, hardware and various components end up in ship breaking yards where we acquire them.

Mostly, cargo ships and on board ships used brass marine lamps, lanterns and running lights, and many more.

We made selection of our ship salvage from “ship breaking” yards around the world; items are actually salvaged from working vessels and boats. And its getting hard

to find old marine ship lights because more modern ship builders using less expensive material options including fiberglass or plastics.

Marine Wall Lighting

We have stock of vast range of old marine vintage, reclaimed lights and boat nautical items salvaged from ship-breakers

&Colonial buildings around the Globe. Take a look at some of our range from the links below.One of our best marine ship

light from mid 1900 century, and best lamp for wall lighting and marine home décor.

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